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Smart Cities Lab India, in collaboration with its network and infrastructure partners, has developed a huge ecosystem aiming to accelerate the innovative ideas of citizens.

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Entrepreneurs need real user feedback to validate their ideas and make decisions. We opens the door to communities of testers and even early adopters.



Our experts will help you to adapt and migrate your service and solutions to the platform and train you how to get most out of it. To make sure that the way for efficient solutions is paved together and early on, we also support cities with competent advice throughout the process.

Infrastructure Resources

Infrastructure Resources

Smart Cities Lab India offers the infrastructure resources that entrepreneurs and web-developers need to build their solutions. The free of charge experimental environment, the means to build their projects and test applications with real data and real users.

For Cities

For Cities

Smart Cities Lab India enables the city for smart innovation. The City Data, hosted or accessible on the Lab, supports the city stakeholders while guarantee legal compliance and privacy. The huge open source software library on the Lab ease the life of the developers and hosting the portfolio of applications.

About us

Smart Cities Lab India is a collaborative initiative aiming for development, delivery and export of smart ICT and mobile based services and products in the following priorities areas – Smart Cities, e-Health, Energy, Environment, Agrifood and Logistics. Smart Cities Lab India is actively promoting FIWARE technologies and cooperation of Indian companies, universities and clusters with relevant counterparts. Although borne in the EU, the open community FIWARE platform has been promoting international markets in the last years. Smart Cities Lab India addresses the specific challenges of metropolitan societies (cities: consisting of government, citizen, university and corporates) and providing well defined solutions to relieve the challenges of multi-stakeholders. Smart Cities Lab India is committed to open source in general, specifically to FIWARE as technology agnostic platform and API´s.



We are currently negotiating various partnerships to implement the labs in India – stay tuned! If you are interested to be part of the core-group, drop us a line!

We are excited to be part of FIWARE implementation and adoption journey in India. Oxyent is already quite focussed and active with iNICU and iCHRCloud products in terms of sustainable health for smart cities. We look forward to be championing usage of Fiware ecosystem and Smart city implementation in areas not only limited to health to build an integrated solutions for India.

Ravneet Kaur, CEO – Oxyent Technologies

Driven by the European Union’s Public Private Partnership program, Fiware is not only a technological innovation, it also offers ready to use business enablement capabilities for Cities. This collaboration between Gaia Smart Cities and Fiware with Smart City Labs will be immensely beneficial to the Smart City implementations in India.

Bipin P. Kumar, CEO, Gaia Smart Cities

GODAN supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable to deal with the urgent challenge of ensuring world food security.  It is a rapidly growing group, currently with over 449 partners from national governments, non-governmental, international and private sector organisations that have committed to a joint Statement of Purpose.


Government of India (GoI) initiatives towards developing 100 smart cities triggered enormous interest as it opened up vast opportunities to connect, collaborate and co-create a new landscape of living. To many of us, ‘smart’ refers the deployment of massively integrated ICTs & intelligent systems creating huge capacity to enhance quality of human life. We recognize the ‘FIWARE’ repository of API ́s and already existing applications portfolio have great potential in feeding to not only accomplish smart cities objectives but also fostering of innovation and creation of economic opportunities. It is our understanding that the Smart Cities Lab India invites all interested stakeholders from students’ community, academics and professionals world to join hands and spread the FIWARE platform to the advantage of a new ‘smart’ living. We are committed to expand the group and promote FIWARE by working closely with corporates, start-ups incubated within Institutions of higher learning (IITs/IIMs), and college students via workshops, internships, lab and competitive schemes.

Prof. M.P. Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

My significant interest in this initiative is twofold – as coordinator of the EU-INDIA FI-MEDIA project, whose main aim is to establish partnerships between EU and India, and also an advocate of the EU’s FIWARE program spread into international countries, including India. We have already successfully established two Cluster2Cluster partnerships: 1st Smart Villages Ecosystems, and 2nd bringing EU’s FIWARE program to India, in areas related to Smart cities. The Smart Cities Lab India initiative seems to be a natural platform to take this work forward in a more commercial setting.

James Clarke, EU Strategic Liaison Manager FI-MEDIA project

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability South Asia has recently partnered with Smart Cities Lab India for an initiative that aims at conceptualisation, development and delivery of smart ICT and mobile-based services and products for smart cities. The lab comprises a promising open source library and connections to implementers of FIWARE technology that can address the specific challenges of metropolitan cities and communities.

Emani Kumar, Executive Director ICLEI South East Asia

Smart Cities Lab have joined the FIWARE Foundation as Gold Member, having announced it in Hamburg, on 12th Dec 2016, by Olaf-Gerd Gemein, Co- Founder of Smart Cities Lab.

FIWARE Foundation

I see FIWARE as a powerful enabler for cities to develop and entrench ‘smart’ characteristics in the day to day life of its citizens. The FIWARE approach combines international experience in Smart Cities, with an approach that ensures an open, quick, inclusive and interactive adoption of Smart City elements, and can pave the way for a fast paced and continuous Smart City development process.

Poul V. Jensen, Director European Business and Technology Centre

India has a incredible chance to omit some major mistakes of western cities in the last 50 years and move directly to a sustainable state. The Smart Cities Lab is a powerful showcase of innovative solutions for modern cities. It is an honor for us to be a part of it. We see huge potentials to help Indian cities to better cope with street traffic with our tools for self-learning traffic management and intelligent last mile logistics planning.

Dr. Matthias Brunner, CEO & Co-Founder Tsenso GmbH

Ubiwhere is looking forward to support the SmartCities Initiatives in India with Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform and Citibrain Unified Smart Cities’ solutions, consisting of Smart Parking, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Air Quality Monitoring and Smart Waste Management. Interoperable with FIWARE, we are ready to adapt and customize our solutions for the Indian context and quick start the implementation on the SmartCities Lab.


Rui A. Costa, Co-Founder Ubiwhere

In TeamDev we focus on daily human activities: in the towns’ life and in agriculture. Our work want to improve the efficiency and the comprehension of the daily facts. So we built „WiseTown“ as the ecosystem to improve the interaction between citizens and municipalities giving them insights on the real time situation of the town and supporting them on enhance the citizens’ quality of life. On the agricultural side, we developed Agricolus suite, an awardwinning platform that make precision farming easier for farmers, union farmers and government. We are proud to be part of SmartCities Lab and to launch with them our products in the Indian market.


Andrea Cruciani, Co-Founder TeamDev

It is our ambition to import, or to adapt, specific solutions, or to develop them from scratch, if necessary. Our goal is to improve the efficiency, health and sustainability of as well as the quality of life in cities and communities. From our point of view, this holds added value for communities and citizens alike, be it benefits for individual citizens or in the form of climate protection, conservation of resources and sustainability. To make sure that the way for efficient solutions is paved together and early on, we also support cities with competent advice throughout the process.


Sven-Ove Wähling, CEO Netzlink ICT GmbH


We addresses the specific challenges of metropolitan societies (cities: consisting of government, citizen, university and corporates) and providing well defined solutions to relieve the challenges of multi-stakeholders. Smart Cities Lab India is committed to open source in general, specifically to FIWARE as technology agnostic platform and API´s.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein

Olaf-Gerd Gemein

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur and Strategic Thinker. Since 2006 he has been supporting start-ups and SME´s to pave their way to digital transition and co-founded “business camps”, where he facilitates bootcamps and design thinking workshops.


Rahul Tomar

Rahul Tomar


15 years of professional experience, as civil and software engineer for developing web applications and enterprise software. He has a longtime expertise in project management and in successfully implementing new ventures.


Dr. Faizan Mohammad

Dr. Faizan Mohammad

Head of Academic collaborations

Founder and CEO of ComfNet Solutions, an IT and business consulting company established in 2014 in Kiel, Germany, addressing German small and medium size companies in their development in the Indian market. PhD degree from Kiel University.


SmartOrchestra Workshop on FIWARE @UniversityStuttgart

Speaker @TMForumLive 2017 Nice, France

Talk on FIWARE in Tunisia @MESYP2017

FIWARE One Week Course @IIIT Jabalpur, India


FIWARE C2C Workshop @IIITD Jabalpur